The best of both worlds. Over and over again.

Talent Mobility is much more than just four formulas. When different sectors join forces, know each other's needs and support each other, countless new doors open. The constant factor in all this? Our support. Through our coaching, training courses and clear agreements. And every cooperation agreement is unique. Just like you.


The advantages

So, what are the advantages of such a cooperation agreement? We’ve listed the most important ones here.

  • Clarity. Because as a candidate, you are available straight away.

  • Thanks to coaching, you will also be confident about your decision.

  • A clear picture of the opportunities on the labour market.

  • Employer and employee get to know each other during a trial period.

  • We prepare people for the switch in the best way possible by choosing the right training courses for their situation.

  • Support from social partners from both sectors.

We already have an agreement with the healthcare sector. But we are also in discussions with other sectors (public and private). So that we can also join forces and reach agreements with them.


What is TalentBuzz?