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Want to use your talents and strengths outside the banking sector?

No problem! With Talent Mobility, we help you – step-by-step – to find a new job in a new environment.

New technologies, different ways of working... The world is constantly changing. And so are you! You broaden your horizons. Your interests change. And that's a huge asset.

Talent Mobility helps you to keep growing. By exploring your options and working on your future. Because a lot of companies are lining up for your talent. Also outside the banking world.


“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.

- Henry Ford

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For whom?


Whether or not you want to get on board is up to you, of course. But whether or not you’re eligible, that's down to your employer. When making that decision, they take your wishes and needs into account as much as possible.

But one thing is for sure: you must have a permanent employment contract at a financial institution. That contract and your salary will continue throughout the entire process, by the way.






Formula 1: Individual coaching (max. 6 months)

Find a new career with your coach in three steps.




Formula 2: Individual coaching Plus

Find a new career with your coach in three steps.




Formula 3: Experience@Work (also possible with coaching)

Give extra meaning to your future. Share your experience with organisations and sectors that are close to your heart. Without losing your connection with your current employer.




Formula 4: Bridge to Work (also possible with coaching)

Stay active, even after early retirement. Use your talents and wealth of experience in another sector.


I used to have a great job. Now I have a passion.
— Laurence Meeùs
The key aspect throughout my career? People. Both at the bank and at the Red Cross.
— Michaël Dierckx

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