Do you think you have what it takes to be a nurse or healthcare professional?

People are living much longer, which means there will be increasing demand for nurses and healthcare professionals.

That opens up opportunities. Do you see your life going in a completely new direction? And could you use our help with that? Then choose the Healthcare Talent Mobility programme.


The programme

Your complete switch will take quite some time, we’re not going to pretend otherwise. Because for these jobs, of course, you need to have a specific diploma. And you will need to have completed a training programme that takes anything from 1.5 to 4 years. It is a unique opportunity, and your new employer already pays you while you’re studying. Yep, that’s right – your new employer. Because before you (re)start your student life, we will look for your new job together. This programme takes 2 x three months.

Phase 1: Orientation (3 months)

Get to know the sector and potential employers. This period starts in April 2019. Confident about your decision? Then at the end, you will complete selection and medical proficiency tests.

Step 2: Preparation (3 months)

Found an employer and passed the tests? Then you can gradually go back to school (registration in July 2019). That’s quite a big step. Supported by your coach, you will spend these three months preparing for it.

In September 2019, you will start as a student and receive a salary from your new employer. Certainty throughout your training programme.

Not yet found an employer or did your test results not quite hit the mark? Until September 2019, your coach will help you find something.


What can you expect from the job?

High level of job satisfaction and human contact. People will thank you every day for the good care you provide – thanks to your empathy, communication skills and hands-on attitude. And all this for a secure salary, flexible hours and a job full of growth opportunities.

You can obtain the application form through your coach and you can fill it in together.

Job possibilities in the healthcare sector

Become a nurse

Become caregiver


Sector agreement


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Participating employers as part of the sector agreement

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